What does Auction Reminder do?

Auction Reminder is a tool that allows you to set alerts for everyday events - anything from a dentists appointment several months away to something quick and simple such as food cooking in the oven. What separates it from other reminder software is that it allows you to import items from eBay, allowing you to keep up to date on auctions that are ending soon, and those which are scheduled to end several days away.

The prices of items are updated every 5 minutes on the main screen so that you do not have to check eBay to keep up to date.

For the advanced user, templates can be created for commonly used tasks to save time. Much of the user interface is customizable, allowing you to add your own backgrounds and change the themes and colors.

The Main Screen

Main Screen Screenshot

From the main screen you can view all of your current reminders. They can be sorted by their end time, title, description or price on eBay items.

You have two main options to add reminders, you can either add one manually by clicking on 'Add Reminder' (see here) or clicking on 'Import Watchlist' to automatically create reminders based on your eBay watchlist items. Click here to view the import watchlist screen.

If you do not wish an alert for a reminder to be displayed when it is due then you can untick the box next to it under the 'Active' column. Alternatively, if you do not wish for alerts to be displayed for any reminders then you can put Auction Reminder into silent mode by ticking the option under the 'Alerts' menu.

The background and colors of Auction Reminder can be changed by clicking on the 'Schemes' menu. This also allows you to add your own background and styles.

Prices for imported items are automatically updated every 5 minutes (this can be disabled in the preferences menu). If someone has placed a bid on an item and the price has changed since the last check then it is displayed in red. An example is shown here:

It is safe to close Auction Reminder, it will remain in the tray until specifically told to exit. You can bring it into view again by clicking the icon:

Icon Screenshot 1Icon Screenshot 2

You can also bring up a menu by right clicking on the icon. This allows you to see the time of the next reminder and serves as a shortcut to a few functions.

Icon Menu

The next reminder can also be viewed from the main screen by clicking on the 'Info' menu. This will also show you the last time the prices for imported items were updated.


There are a few shortcuts which can be used on the main screen:

  • Pressing the delete key on a reminder will remove it.
  • Double clicking on a reminder will allow you to edit it.
  • Blue text in a reminder's title indicates that a website has been associated with it. Clicking on this will open up the address in your web browser.

Preferences Menu

Preferences Screenshot
  • Start With Windows: Should Auction Reminder launch at Windows startup. This places a shortcut to the application in the Windows startup folder.
  • Start Minimized To Tray: When launched, this determines if the main screen is displayed or not.
  • Confirm Reminder Deletion: When deleting reminders in the main screen, if ticked, this will ask confirmation before they are deleted.
  • Delete Reminders After Expiry: Should reminders automatically be deleted after they have alerted you. Unticking this will set them to inactive instead.
  • Display Expired Alerts: If Auction Reminder wasn't running while reminders were due, should alerts still be displayed showing reminders that have already expired the next time it is run.
  • Display Ending Soon Warnings: If ticked, this pops up with a small bubble to let you know that a reminder is due soon if a warning is set for the reminder.
  • Change Reminder List Font: This changes the size/style of the text used to list the reminders on the main screen.

  • Alerts Always On Top: If this is ticked then alerts will be shown on top of all other windows. Warning: If you were using another application at the time then this may cause it to lose focus, meaning keyboard input may be interrupted.
  • Use Scheme As Alert Background: If the current scheme should be applied to the alert windows when they are shown.
  • Display Alert Title In Bar: When alerts are shown, should the reminder title be displayed in the window heading.
  • Enable Sounds: Enable/Disable all sounds when alerts are given.

  • Alert Display Location: Where on the screen should the alerts for reminders be displayed. If you have more than one monitor then it also allows you to place alerts on a 2nd screen. Choosing the 'UserSet' option means the alert window location is saved when moved so you can choose exactly where they should be displayed.

  • Get The Latest Prices: Whether Auction Reminder should check every 5 minutes for the latest prices of your imported eBay watchlist items. If not, the prices that are displayed will remain the same as when the items were first imported.


Reminders Standard Screenshot

This is the main screen for setting up a reminder. Set the day and time in the top left corner. A warning will be given if you attempt to set a date or time in the past when you are done.

Recurrenence can be set if you would like to be reminded constantly of an event. For example, if you walk the dog every day in the morning, you could set it to recur every 1 day. The reminder will then be extended by this period when the alert fires.

It is possible to set an advance warning to make sure that reminders are seen. Set a time period and a warning bubble like the one below should be displayed before the end.

Warning Bubble

A title and description are not mandatory, however they will help you to identify your reminder in future.

You should only be concerned about the advanced screen if you want finer control over what happens when an alert is shown or if you would like to run an application or visit a website.

Reminders Advanced Screenshot
  • Alert Sound: If you choose a sound file then it will play when the reminder is due.
  • Reminder Requires Confirmation Before Executing Actions: With this ticked, if the reminder performs an action such as visiting a webpage, starting an application or restarting a pc then it will not proceed until you give confirmation.
  • Hide Alerts And Just Perform The Actions: If the reminder performs any actions then ticking this option will ensure that no alert is displayed, and instead the action will be executed. Note: This disables the 'Reminder Requires Confirmation Before Executing Actions' option above.
  • Ignore If Already Expired: If Auction Reminder was not running when an alert was due then ticking this option ensures that it will not be displayed the next time the application starts.
  • Start A Program: Starts a Windows application when the reminder is due.
  • Visit A Webpage: Loads a web browser with the specified address when the reminder is due.
  • Other Action: This allows you to perform specific tasks such as shutting down your PC or logging off at a set time. Warning: This feature may not work on all Operating Systems.


Templates Screenshot

Templates are useful to save time if you find yourself using the same settings for every new reminder you make. You can enter the common attributes your reminders share, give the template a name and then click 'Save As Template'. From now on you will be able to go to this screen and load the template every time you want to use those frequent settings. Alternatively, you can click on 'Set Template As Default' and they will be used every time you create a new reminder in future.

Ticking 'Store Reminder's Date And Time' will also save the date and time with the other settings. Reminders using this template will then automatically be set to this time, otherwise the current system time will be used instead.

Logging In

In order to import your watchlists (or get regular price updates) you must first login.

Login Screenshot

Warning: You should not enter your eBay username or password, but use your Auction Reminder login instead. If you have not yet created an account then you can do so by clicking on 'New User'. The process is simple and only requires you to choose a username and password. It is important that these are different than your eBay login details.

If you use a specific eBay site related to your country then you can also choose it on this screen.

Ticking the 'Automatically Log In When Application Starts' box means that you will log in every single time Auction Reminder loads. This is useful if you do not wish to type your username and password every time it starts, or want price updates without having to log in first.

Note: This will save your Auction Show password to disk for future use, so do not use this option on a public computer.

Importing Watchlists

Once logged in, a web browser will load allowing you to choose which eBay items you want to import from your watchlists.

Web Import Screenshot

Items that have been displayed before and items that have already ended will be unticked automatically. Everything else will be ticked by default.

Once you have finished, click the 'Add Selected Items as Reminders' and close the browser window. Only the ticked items will be imported.

When returning to Auction Reminder, you should see the following screen:

Import Screenshot

Choose the desired template to apply to all of your incoming items and the number of minutes before the end of each auction when you want to be notified. Finally click the 'Import' button to automatically generate reminders out of your items.

To get the latest version you can download it from here:

Get it from CNET Download.com!
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