Cheating The System

One tactic that a lot of eBayers use to gain an advantage over their fellow bidders is to use "sniper" services. These place bids on items at the very last second to increase their chances of winning by catching regular users off-guard. However, there is a much lesser known method used by the pros which is far, far better - snapping up cheap Buy-It-Now items the second they are put up on eBay before anyone else even gets the chance to see them. How do they do this? Some use specially made custom software to scan eBay every few seconds in the hope the item they are after appears. Eventually one does and then wham, they grab a bargain at a fraction of the price from the unwitting seller. This method has not been available to the public until now.

Levelling The Playing Field

Auction Show, the first of it's kind to give the regular eBayer a level playing field with the pros. This handy tool functions more like an app than a traditional web page. Our servers constantly search in the background, looking for popular items that are going well below their normal auction price, allowing you to keep it open in a tab and browse other websites in the meantime. And the best bit is, it's completely legal - in fact Auction Show has been approved by eBay and is a proud member of their official developer network.

Items Will Be Shown Below - Live

Items that have only just been placed up on eBay will be shown down in the section below. No need to refresh the page - bargains will be shown automatically as soon as they become available.

Hint: Auction Show has been designed so that you can keep it in the background like an app while you go off and browse other websites. Keep it open in a browser window until an item you like appears. No refreshing of the page is necessary as the latest web technology is used to ensure items are displayed live, in real-time. Sounds can be enabled in the options menu to alert you when a new item comes in and you are able to customize everything from the item categories and shipping locations to using specific national eBay sites only. Plus, if Buy-It-Now's aren't your thing then regular items ending soon at a good price can be shown too.

How do I get started?

Items will start appearing automatically down in the New Items section below. However, it is possible to tailor the announcements to your requirements. You can specify exactly how much you would like to save by moving the sliders on the Price-O-Matic gauge below, and even set different item categories you would/would not like to see.

Use the tabs above to change the settings of Auction Show. If you did not want to see Digital Televisions for example, you could uncheck the 'TVs' box in the categories menu. The Locations menu allows you to specify which countries you would like to receive notifications from. Whereas the options menu allows you to customize a lot of Auction Show's features. By default items from all categories will be displayed.

One such customizable feature is the background theme. If you use Auction Show often and would like to change the appearance of it, it is possible to select a theme from the options menu. The sound played when a new item is found can also be changed.

Look out for the help buttons Help Button as you can find out more information by clicking on them.

Show me an example of an item

Click the button below to see an example of what happens when an item has been found.

Location data

Your IP location has been determined as <Obtaining data> and the delivery locations have been updated with this information. The default currency has been set to <Obtaining data>. If this is incorrect or if you wish to change your location / delivery settings, click change locations or to set your currency click change currency.

Check below regularly for new items as they come in

Please select the categories of items you would like to be displayed:

Please choose the eBay site(s) you would like to see items from. These are the actual eBay sites the sellers have listed their item in.

If you do not wish to receive notifications of auctions belonging to international sellers and would prefer to see items from your local eBay site only, then select specific sites here.

Optionally, if foreign eBay sites are selected above then you can restrict items to the location(s) where you reside / items can be delivered to. Tick only the boxes that apply to show items with the following shipping destinations:

Setting this option means you will only get notifications of items that can be delivered to your area. Use this to filter out international items where the seller will not ship to your address.

For example, if you lived in the UK and have chosen foreign eBay sites above then you would tick: Europe, EuropeanUnion, GB and Worldwide while unselecting everything else.

Warning: By selecting all locations, you may receive notifications of items where the sellers will not deliver to your area. Also be sure to check each item's shipping information for any excluded zones.

Limit results by the condition of the items. Display only:

Auction Reminder Cover

Auction Reminder is a free downloadable piece of software developed by us for Windows.

It allows you to import your watchlists from eBay and receive live reminders on your desktop when they are about to expire so that you don't forget them. The prices of items are also updated every 5 minutes so that you do not need to check eBay to keep up to date.

It can even be used to set alerts for other daily tasks, such as a reminder to walk the dog or when your next dentist appointment is.


To get the latest version you can download it from here:

Get it from CNET!

More information and screenshots can be seen here.

I'm sick of seeing cell phones!

Some categories are more popular than others, however it is possible to switch categories on / off in the Categories menu above if needed.

Items in French? German?

By default, Auction Show retrieves items from various eBay sites, including eBay France and eBay Germany. It is possible to select the different eBay sites covered from the Location menu.

How do I prevent damaged items from being displayed?

Not all sellers set the item condition correctly so this is not foolproof, but you can select what is shown in the 'Item Condition' tab in the menu above. Unselecting "For Parts or Not Working" should prevent most broken items from being displayed.

Why do some items show a percentage off while others show the amount of money off?

Showing the percentage off is really only useful at higher prices. Items in the lower price-ranges tend to have much more varied values which reduces the effectiveness of displaying the percentage. Instead, items under a certain price will display the money off.

Why don't items fade out immediately when they end?

The countdown timers are based on your system time and might not be the same as eBay's time. Therefore items will not fade out until there has been official confirmation from eBay that the item has actually ended.

Why are the item countdowns inaccurate?

The countdown timers are based on the clock from your computer and can be different from the official eBay time. If they are out by a significant amount then it is possible to disable the timers from the options menu.

A Buy-It-Now item is displayed as ended yet the auction is still on?

Some auctions have both a Buy-It-Now price as well as an auction price. If a bid is placed however, the Buy-It-Now option will no longer be available. Although bids may still be placed on the item, because it was listed on the site as a Buy-It-Now, we treat it as having ended.

A Buy-It-Now item has ended yet it is still being shown as live.

Buy-It-Now items are only monitored for a short time after the auction start (typically 30 minutes). After this period the auction price and status are no longer updated.

I only want to display items above $100, how do I do this?

There are two different methods for this, with subtle differences.

1) Only display items where the average auction price is under/over a certain value, and not the actual current auction price. This is useful for example to display either the cheaper or more expensive type of items. To do this, in the options menu, under 'Settings', input a minimum or maximum average price range or leave them blank to ignore price limits.

2) The second method is based on what the actual auction price is going for at the time, and will hide/show items if they are within your price range. To do this, in the options menu, under 'Advanced' there is a button to add filters. Select the 'Min / Max Price' filter and add it. Then enter the desired price in the new box that has appeared in the filter section.

Select the the background theme for Auction Show:

Select the sound to play when an item is found:  

Show marquee-style animated title text in the browser when a new item is found.

This feature cascades the title of a newly found item in your browser window bar. It is useful to get your attention when, for example, you are off browsing other web sites and do not have currently on-screen and yet would like to know when a new item becomes available.

Show help icons and information.
Show auction timers.
Automatically remove expired items.
Select your currency:
Add the item's standard shipping charges to the price of the auction.
Sometimes sellers place an item for sale at a low price but charge over the odds for the item delivery. Tick this option to include postage fees in the price to avoid these issues.

Only show items with an average auction price between and

If you do not wish to set a limit then leave the field(s) blank.

Display these types of auction:

Standard auctions that are ending soon will be displayed by default in white below in the New Items section.

Buy-It-Now's that have only just been placed on eBay will be displayed in red.

Add a list of words to the blacklist and warning list below. Items that contain words in their title from the blacklist will not be shown. Items with words from the warning list will have a clear exclamation mark placed on them. This is useful for showing a clear warning that an item may be broken or faulty, or it can also be used to highlight important items. Place each word / phrase on a separate line.


Warning list

Auction Show remembers your chosen settings for the next time you visit the site. Click the button if you want to reset the stored settings to default.


Filters allow you to view only those items which match your specific criteria and hiding those that don't. For example, if you currently only wanted to view computer related items then you could select Computers from the Categories filter.

It is possible to add or remove different filters using the controls. Here is a list of filters and a description of what they do:

  • Categories - View items from a specific category such as Computers or Cell Phones.
  • Shipping Locations - View items which are available for delivery to a specific location.
  • eBay Sites - View items that have been placed for sale on a specific eBay national site.
  • Auction Types:
    • Standard Auctions - Auctions that are ending soon and which require you to bid.
    • Buy-It-Now's - Auctions of items that have only just been put up for sale on eBay which allow you to buy using the Buy-It-Now option.
  • Min / Max Price - Show only items where the current auction price is between a specific range.
  • Percent Off - Show only the items where the current auction price is a certain percentage off of the average price.
  • Item Title Text - Show only items with the specified text in the title.

Add / Remove item filters:


Price-O-Matic >> Show me items I can buy between to off the average auction pricePrices info <<

Move the slider to set the price you are willing to pay for items. The left-hand slider controls the minimum percent off, and the right-hand one controls the maximum.

Items will automatically appear in the New Items box below when they become available.

Note: Setting both sliders to low values will increase the frequency and number of items that will be displayed but the savings won't be as high. On the other hand, setting the sliders higher will decrease the number of items, but you may get better bargains.

0% (average price)
50% (half-price)
100% (free)
Warning: Although it is tempting to set a high percentage, be aware that it also increases the risk of displaying damaged goods and unrelated items.
Examples (change the prices with the slider above).

You would get notifications of items for:

  • A 150 Kindle 3G Wireless Reader - going between - .
  • A 359 HTC Desire HD Phone - going between - .

New Items Filter:
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